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The Pennington HR Institute is dedicated to advocating for employees throughout the country. We focus on bringing employees and employers together to have an ongoing dialogue about how to keep employees happy in their job. We offer a comprehensive library of educational resources for both employees and employers, and our mission is to strengthen companies and organizations of all sizes through education and information. We also provide a group of consulting services that support the empowerment and engagement of employees. 

Our Dedicated Leadership Team

Bob Kieserman is happily retired, and proudly serves as the volunteer Executive Director of The Pennington HR Institute. Bob has enjoyed an impressive career as a retailer, a management consultant, a librarian, a summer camp director, an entertainer, an event planner, a publisher, a columnist, a media producer, an entrepreneur, and a professor of business administration and healthcare administration for over 40 years. Throughout his career, he worked with a wide range of industries including all types of healthcare organizations, libraries, the broadcast media, retail operations, law firms, accounting firms, and other small and larger businesses. He is the author of four books on medical practice management and over 200 articles on the issues of management. He is a nationally-recognized lecturer and has developed over 300 different seminars and workshops presented throughout the United States including popular presentations on improving employee/employer relations, strengthening the customer service skills of employees, finding the right candidates, and how to write policies and procedures that will be embraced by your staff. He is an excellent focus group facilitator, and is considered a major advocate for employee empowerment. Hundreds of companies and nonprofit organizations throughout the country have relied on his expertise in human resources management to help them deal with all types of issues. 

Danielle Oliver is Assistant to the Executive Director for The Pennington HR Institute and also serves as Managing Editor of Employee's Life, our online magazine. She has strong experience in management, communications, and event planning. She is currently  pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Arcadia University School of Global Business, where she demonstrates academic excellence and holds numerous leadership positions in the University’s Student Government. Danielle is passionate about ensuring positive employee relations and bettering organizations through innovative human resource initiatives. 

Ben Nusbaum-Kieserman is Content Researcher for The Pennington HR Institute, He has a background in geriatric care and group home management, and holds a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Rowan College at Burlington County and an undergraduate degree in marketing from Stockton University. Ben also serves as Volunteer Director of Recruitment for the MOMM Project of The Power of the Patient Project. Ben has worked with the human resource directors of several major healthcare organizations and retail organizations to ensure that employees are treated with respect and that employee relations is the first priority of all organizations.

Nicko Bryant Jr. is a passionate Senior Videographer for The Pennington HR Institute. He is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nicko has worked on a variety of visual projects including, but not limited to feature films, documentaries and corporate videos. He has developed strong technical skills in lighting and composition which has aided him throughout his career with not only videography, but photography as well. Nicko prides himself on being a storyteller most importantly and is committed to doing his best to bring the story of any project he is involved in to the surface. In addition to his extensive video and photography background, he also has a degree in Graphic Design from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.   

Thomas Fanelli is a Senior Videographer for The Pennington HR Institute. He is a graduate of Rowan University’s Radio/Television/Film program with a passion for creativity. He has worked on a wide array of projects including student films, a college based news broadcast, and corporate video productions with Center City Film & Video. He has demonstrated excellence in cinematography, video editing, and directing, and is always looking to put his best foot forward.

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