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We offer complete event planning services to create an awesome employee appreciation event or a community appreciation day at your office, at your favorite venue, or right outside in the parking lot or the local park. Our team of event planning consultants work with you every step of the way from conceiving the event to the day of the event. And we come with many proven ideas for how you can host the best event possible to recognize your employees or your customers.

Ideas and Tips for Employee Appreciation Events

by Steven Marass, Senior Consultant


1. A Day at the Park

Find a place where your employees have space to play some organized outdoor games with each other. A softball field is typically a great choice, because softball and kickball are sports that most fitness levels can participate in. Make sure that the park allows you to grill or set up tables of food in the shade. A park with fields and covered pavilions are ideal.


2. Bowling

Choose an upscale bowling alley that also features pool and arcades. Pre-arrange with the venue to give tickets to each employee to use in the arcade. If laser tag is also available, even better. Bowling alleys are capable of entertaining any demographic and have a very low physical barrier to entry.


3. The Zoo

A zoo can accommodate large groups. Not only can your group have their own private areas to eat together, but the zoo gives units of your organization the opportunity to explore on their own and meet up at a given time for a larger group activity.


4. Karaoke

Karaoke is a fantastic way for employees to bond with one another. Voluntarily putting oneself in a position in which he/she may look silly in front of their coworkers is great for expanding comfort zones within the company.


5. Mystery Night

A clue type murder mystery night can allow people to get creative with costumes and get themselves into a character. The nice part about these murder mystery parties is that involvement to a large degree is not necessary for those who do not want to.


6. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Buying a section of seats at a baseball game can be surprisingly cheap, especially when your staff buys their own parking, drinks, and food. This type of event may not interest everyone but it is a great way to bring the staff together.


7. Silly Awards Night

Mix a nice dinner with a Silly awards banquet. Base it on the Oscars, with categories and nominees, and trophies or some other type of award. It is a great way to not only bring employees together outside of work, but to also celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. Giving out awards such as “best shoes” or “class clown” based on a vote or by management’s choice is a way of focusing on what happens inside of the workplace without the stress of actually working.


8. Axe Throwing

This relatively new idea is growing. This would likely be a good idea for a smaller scale staff as it would likely be too much to have a group of 50 people at one of these venues.


Some Tips to Consider

These can all be great ideas, but the most important thing to remember is that when you plan an event, be sure it can include everyone who works for you. For an organization that operates 12+ hours a day, there are typically shifts, and it is important to find a way to cover the shifts that take place during the event. The benefit of doing something special for your staff is taken away completely if half of the staff is stuck working. Whether a business decides to close for a day or run the event at night after closing or on a weekend, giving every employee the chance to go to the event is crucial.

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