The Ten Major Complaints of Employees: #10


Carol is a loyal employee. She is the first to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave. She understands her job and does it well. But she is legitimately smarter than her supervisor and she goes through the day with resentment, anger, and frustration. Her boss makes a decision and Carol always needs to fix the damage that results from the decision. Even though she is loyal to the company, Carol has no reservations about sharing her frustration and discontent with others, and the discontent becomes contagious. Before you know it, the entire employee team is talking behind the supervisor’s back and blaming upper management for not doing anything about the incompetent supervisor. Management begins to notice a pervasive negative attitude in most of the employees, and clearly sees a reduction in their production and contributions to fostering good customer service and product support.

What is required in this situation is some way for management to gather anonymous feedback from the entire employee team to learn why they are so unhappy. The approach of using a focus group and/or one-on-one interviews with an outside objective facilitator has proven to be a way to get that feedback, so that things can be learned and accepted by management that disenchantment exists, and management can address the perceived problems and return the employees back to a positive culture.

The team at The Pennington HR Group has over a decade of proven experience in facilitating productive focus groups and conducting valuable one-on-one interviews with employees. We keep all comments anonymous and quickly gain the trust of your employees so they share their honest and open feelings, giving you the best feedback possible. We then compile the comments into a concise report, and make recommendations for improving the overall attitude of your workforce, returning your organization to a happier place.


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