The Ten Major Complaints of Employees #8

Updated: Dec 31, 2019


Susan works at the circulation desk of a major public library and is a favorite of all of the patrons. She goes out of her way to take care of customers of the library, offering assistance whenever and however she can. She is a great team player and her colleagues adore her and enjoy working with her. However, despite the great amount of energy and positiveness that she puts into her job, her boss, the library director, never says thank you, and never utters even a word of encouragement. Susan feels unappreciated by her boss, and only wishes that once and awhile, when her director walks by the circulation desk, Susan could hear her say thank you for a job well done. This lack of acknowledgement from the director has made Susan resentful, and she has begun to say to herself, “Why should I work so hard? Who seems to care?” This has affected her work and her attitude toward her customers and her colleagues.

What is required in this situation is for the library director to become aware that saying thank you and acknowledging the work of every employee is essential to good management. People need validation for their work. Someone needs to teach this to the library director, and she, in turn, needs to teach it to all of her managers, so that saying thank you and constantly showing appreciation for a job well done becomes part of the culture of the library organization. All too often, managers hide themselves away in their offices and wait for employees to come to them. A better approach is for the manager to find several times a day to walk around the workplace, and spend time talking casually to the employees, and letting them how important the work of each employee truly is to the overall success of the organization. It is a well known fact that happy employees who feel appreciated make for a more successful workplace.

The team at The Pennington HR Group has over a decade of proven experience in facilitating dialogues between managers and their employees. We work with managers to help them better understand how their employees are feeling, and how the manager can be more effective in showing appreciation to all of the employees and giving them the validation that is so important to each of them.


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