The Ten Major Complaints of Employees: #9


Tony owned a private rehab therapy practice for over 15 years. Two years ago, he closed his practice and decided to join a larger multi-office practice as a clinical director at one of their locations. He has much experience in both the clinical side and the administrative side of running a practice, and he often offers ideas to his boss Amy, who owns the rehab therapy company. However, Tony feels that Amy never acknowledges any of the ideas, and Tony has become resentful. Not being validated, Tony carries around resentment and it has started to reflect upon his patients. In fact, Amy has received anonymous complaints from patients. Most of Tony’s clinical staff, however, agree with Tony. They too believe that Amy never acknowledges a good idea. The staff does believe that Tony listens to them and gives validation to any idea anyone offers. And so, now both Tony and his staff share the same feelings of non-validation from Amy.

What is required in this situation is for Amy to become aware of the great importance of validating employees for their ideas and their contributions to the organization. Everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to feel important. The approach of using a Dialogue Encounter, where a trained outside objective mediator brings employees and management together to discuss their perspectives on this issue, has proven to be an excellent way to correct a communication issue. By involving an outside mediator, Tony and his staff can feel safe in sharing their frustration with Amy and Amy can be asked to really listen and be taught how important it is to Tony and his staff to be heard. Things can be learned, and Amy can reinstate a positive culture to her rehab company.

The team at The Pennington HR Group has over a decade of proven experience in facilitating dialogues between managers and their employees. We have developed the Dialogue Encounter Mediation technique, to allow everyone at the table to feel safe in sharing their perspectives on an issue causing conflict in the workplace. The positive result of a mediated Dialogue Encounter is a better understanding and appreciation by all parties of how to communicate and exchange ideas with confidence and a feeling of validation.


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