What Our Clients Say

"Yes, I could have assigned the tasks of exploring employee satisfaction and job description updates to one of my staff, but the objectivity and thoroughness that Bob brings to the project is unmatched. I enjoy working with him. He knows how to get significant feedback from our employees that we could never get ourselves."

- Emily R., Vice President of Human Resources

   major women's clothing retail chain

"For over four years, I have owned a large rehab therapy practice with seven offices and over 50 contracts in schools and nursing homes. As we added contracts and patients, we added staff. One day, one of my employees came to see me and said that her accountant believed that she was not classified properly in our practice, and that she was really a subcontractor. I had heard that Bob was a leading expert in this area, and I immediately contacted him. He worked with me for over a month to help us determine who was truly an employee of our practice, or who was not and should be considered an independent contractor. He also explained all of the IRS guidelines to me. I know he saved us from getting into big trouble with the IRS over this HR-related issue, and I will be forever grateful."

- Randi B., Owner, a large rehab therapy company

"I was told by my Board of Trustees that they had been hearing complaints from patrons that some of our staff was nasty and that members of my professional staff were actually telling patrons how unhappy they were with me and the other managers in our public library. The Board suggested that we do a focus group with our staff to get feedback to get a better understanding why they might be so unhappy. We called Bob and his team and they were able to quickly set up a whole day when they interviewed each employee privately and then did a focus group with the entire staff of our library. They then compiled the feedback with no names attached into a concise report to me and the Board, and we were able to take the information and correct the problems that were identified. Today, our staff is much happier, and feel indebted to us for having the interest in listening to their concerns."

- David L., Library Director, a major public library system

"We own 30 assisted living communities and keep opening more. We are constantly seeking qualified administrators. Bob and his team have helped us recruit men and women who fit our company culture perfectly, and who have become dedicated members of our management team and remained with us for the long term. His creative ideas for recruiting talent are outstanding, and he consistently helps us find administrators who truly care about our residents."


Mindy C., Director of Operations, a major assisted living community organization



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